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Vervet Monkey




We are totally self-funded and don't receive any subsidies which means that we rely on Donations, Fund Raising, Sponsoring and Volunteering to cover the day-to-day costs of running the Center. This includes Food and Supplements (Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds etc), Veterinary expenses, Animal husbandry, Maintenance of Center grounds and Transport for rescues and Release programs.


In the summer months our expenditures increase substantially because of the influx of Orphaned Babies; Infant Formula, Blankets, Foods and Cleaning supplies which are in high demand. Summer is also the time when we release our troops back into nature. This means Tracking equipment and regular Travel from the Center to the designated release site with supplies for our newly released monkeys.


As for Cash Donations within South Africa please note that we fully registered as an official NPO (Non-Profit Organization with the Department of Social Service) Also as an Article 18 A with the South African Revenue Services. This, if you require, we can issue you or your company with an Article 18 A Certificate of Donation – This Donation is then Fully Deductible from your taxable income as detailed in Article 18A.

Our Banking Details is as follow:


Account holder: WATCH

Account Type: Current / Check Account

Branch Code: 198765

Account Number:1253118396 


You can just email us on the details as we will gladly send you the certificate.

If You prefer to donate via Credit Card, please use the PAYPAL Button provided.

For All international Donor – You can either make a Swift Transfer using the above Banking Details or use the PAYPAL Button provided.

We really appreciate your contribution in this noble cause and you can make a Big Difference in the Rehabilitation of these Little Monkeys Live’s!! THANK YOU!!!!


INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS:                                                                    WITHIN SOUTH AFRICA





Physical donations of Medical Supplies, Food, Blankets, Baby supplies, Old Tires, Ropes, Fire Hose, Poles, Shade-Cloth, Oil Drums, etc are more than Welcome!*

These goods are used directly for the daily care and enclosure enrichment for the animals in our care!*

Our Wish List:

S26 Baby Milk Formula

Baby Blankets and towels

Wet Wipes

Fruit and Vegetables

Nuts and Seeds

Rice and Pasta

Old Tyres


Fire Hose



Oil Drums

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